Operating model

Production Facility

With the installed capacity of 550 KMT production per year, Behshahr industrial company is the largest producer of edible oils nationwide. The company offers its products in 3 main categories: solid, liquid and confectionery oil suitable for household as well as industrial use. Accurate understanding of consumers’ needs, production according to national and international standards and investing in proper context are among the factors led to the BIC becoming the major market share holder in Iran and also achieving significant success in terms of exporting.

Raw Oil Storage Facilities

BIC has a storage capacity of 100 thousand tons of raw oils composed of 30 big storage tanks each at the capacity of 3300 metric tons. These tanks are located in a 100 thousand square meters area installation in Bandar Imam Khomeini (BIK). 42 people working at this facility can unload ships at a rate of 350 MT/hour. There are also facilities present for loading oils into the trucks and railway wagons, at the capacity of 8000 MT/day and 3500 MT/day respectively.